Meeting in the Reception House of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


 The speakers were:


Gregory Kabelsky, Sengleev Vladimir, Vladimir A. Pehtin, Hope Potapov, Yevgeny Arkhipov, Mikhailova Tamara.

Teacher - medalist of the world!

          Leonid Krylov won a bronze medal, master of sports of international class. The staff of the Institute of Sports and Physical Education Leonid congratulate and wish him new victories!

Congratulations to the student of our institute Adelina Sotnikova!


Adelina Sotnikova became Olympic champion in the women's individual figure skating competitions, winning first in the history of our country the gold medal in women's figure skating.

The victory at the European Championships


         Congratulations Olympic champions Alexander Dyachenko (student of our Institute) and Yuri vows with a victory at the European Championships.

         We wish you new victories and achievements!

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